Davanz has deep expertise in areas that include current and emerging energy and materials technologies, product innovation and commercialisation, and optimising business systems.


With science and/or engineering backgrounds, all Davanz team members have deep domain knowledge of energy technologies including fuel cells, hydrogen storage, lithium ion batteries, internal combustion engines, alternative fuels, chemical processes, functional materials and nanotechnology.


Davanz understands the innovation and management processes needed to guide an idea from inception to commercialisation. Based on first-hand experience, we recognise that Research & Development is often far from linear, so we offer a perspective that combines an understanding of the details with a wider strategic context.


At Davanz, as we have all experienced the transition from a small team to a globally connected organisation, we recognise how business processes need to evolve with the organisation’s needs. Based on this first-hand-experience, we know how to establish and maintain national and global collaborations with research institutions and multinational corporations from different cultures.