We assist clients with a variety of activities such as evaluating new technologies, advising on business strategy and managing particular aspects of the business.


Davanz has the expertise and experience to assist with technology planning including:

  • Due diligence for investors or acquirers of a technology or business
  • Technology landscape review and competitor analysis
  • Market research and identifying the best fit for a new technology
  • Strategic financial modelling and product costing
  • Performance evaluation of energy and materials technologies
  • Comparing energy or materials technologies for a specific purpose
  • Systems analysis for energy conversion and storage applications.

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Davanz has the business development experience to assist with strategic planning including:

  • Research and development strategy and product roadmap
  • Business or program planning and budgeting
  • Global business strategy to accelerate growth
  • Developing and maintaining technical and business collaborations
  • Preparing a business for investor due diligence
  • Business processes to grow from start-up to scale-up
  • Review of business plans, investor pitch decks, grant applications.

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Davanz has the business management expertise to provide hands-on assistance to achieve operational goals including:

  • Preparing business plans and grant applications
  • Launching and building a new business
  • Implementing quality, environment, health and safety processes
  • Overseeing development programs
  • Ongoing budgeting and planning
  • Individually mentoring/coaching/advising CEOs or executives
  • Interim executive or project management.

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